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A main issue that tea drinkers face (especially when drinking tea "on the go") is that there is often no adequate place to dispose of their used teabag (or to save it for later to reuse). The TEATRAP is a recyclable and disposable (and even reusable) receptacle that attaches firmly right to the tea drinker's cup, which seamlessly holds and stores the used teabag until it's discarded or ready to be reused. They're lightweight, handy, easy to transport, easy to use, and quite honestly, they just solve a problem that has always plagued most tea drinkers; suddenly there's somewhere to get rid of that messy teabag, wherever one may be!  So, come on: it's time to trap your tea.

      THE ORIGINAL TEATRAP    Reusable, Recyclable, Original.


Reusable, Recyclable, Original.