My name is Lauren Geschel, and I have been a high school English teacher in Philadelphia for sixteen years, and an avid tea drinker throughout. This past spring, there were a number of times when I was either in a car, or walking somewhere with a takeout tea,  and I had nowhere to put my teabag. Even if I would find someplace to put it, it usually dripped all over me, and just annoyed me overall. I kept thinking, "Seriously, why isn't there something out there to put one's tea in?"

The concept began to take shape. I had many ideas, many conversations with friends, many sketches and tests using homemade products… and what began as a lark turned into something real. The moment I realized it could actually be something was when nearly every tea drinker to whom I pitched it said, "I'd use that!"

As for the name of the company, I've taught The Catcher in the Rye nearly every year I've been teaching and it's my favorite novel of all time. So when a friend suggested the name, my head nearly imploded. Something that catches tea. Duh. Perfect.

So here I am. A dorky English teacher. A tea drinker. A pun lover. A new inventor.

A girl who's just excited to get her teatrap out in the world.